Clear & thoughtful qualitative research

  1. BulletWelcome to Changes, a U.K. qualitative research and planning consultancy

  1. BulletChanges is owned and run by Lesley Thompson, who works both solo and with other expert researchers - browse these pages for more details

  1. BulletThoughtful, tailored research approaches to every business problem, with clear and inspirational insights and recommendations

  1. BulletFull range of qualitative methods - not just ‘groups and depths’ but also interviewing and observing people in real-life environments; combining face-to-face and online methods; running workshops with clients, their customers or both; facilitating idea generation sessions; and providing training for marketing personnel to allow them to do some of their own consumer listening

  1. BulletComplete full service projects, also working with other researchers and branding consultancies as a flexible resource when required

  1. BulletHighly professional and well organised, whilst offering hands-on and empathetic working relationships.